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If you thought that only teenagers and young adults got acne then you would have been very much mistaken! It can happen to anyone, at any age, any background or cultural diversity and even any sex – male or female.

It has been reported that almost a quarter of all adults have suffered with acne at some point during adulthood – with statistics like these, you would think the myths would have been dispelled by now!

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Acne transcends the bounds of a mere skin condition as those painful bouts of scar more than just the skin of the sufferer, irrevocably damaging your self confidence and self worth. It is no wonder then that most people are willing to try just about any remedy and cure to clear skin and keep those ungainly zits at bay. This has not only led to a profusion of anti-acne products in the market but also a myriad of myths about the condition.

Adult Acne – The Cause

Acne in adults can be caused by a large number of different reasons.

Hormonal changes are one of the likely culprits which is why acne seems strife in times such as puberty and the menopause.

Cosmetics can also cause adult acne – too much makeup can block the pores, especially when it is not correctly removed at night before bedtime – cough, cough to all those women that don’t do this!

Stress can cause many changes in the body and acne is just one of them – usually on the face, but also can arise on the body too, for example, the back, arms, chest and shoulders.

Although embarrassing, adult acne is common and thankfully, there are things that you can do to clear your skin, from medicated creams and facial washes, to natural and herbal skin care regimes.

The Link Between Skin Type and Acne

While people attribute pimples to just about everything from food to lack of hygiene and sex to the weather, in reality it is merely an overt sign of an underlying health issue like hormonal imbalance.

Skin type also plays a crucial role in the acne equation as people who have an oily skin have a predisposition for more severe and frequent breakouts.

So, here is a look at how learning about your skin type can help you to tackle zits and choosing the right pimple treatment that will yield quick, remarkable and long term benefits.

Your Skin and Acne

The type of skin you have plays an integral role in how prone you are to suffering from zits.

  • Oily skin: Because acne is caused due to the over secretion of sebum (skin oils) that clogs the pores leading to infection and inflammation, people who have an oily skin are particularly at risk. Any increase in the level of testosterone in their body sends the sebaceous glands into hyper drive turning the propensity for the occasional zit eruption into frequent and intense acne breakouts.

    However, it’s not all downhill if you have this type of skin, because the cells are better hydrated and moisturized, you will find fewer wrinkles, crow’s feet and other signs of aging on your face than people with dry skin.

  • Combination skin: By far the most difficult skin type of tackle, it can be an utter pain to choose cosmetic and anti acne products for combination skin. People who have this type of skin will find that certain parts of their face like the bridge of the nose, chin and forehead are always too oily while the remainder of the skin is dry. Only the oily areas are susceptible to white and blackheads and infected pustules.

    However, using just any anti-acne product will not work for individuals with combination skin as it will further strip the dry areas of the skin of moisture causing peeling, discomfort and red blotches.

  • Dry skin: While not easily prone to acne, individuals who have dry skin are less likely to suffer from severe pimple breakouts. However, in the face of hormonal imbalance and increasing testosterone levels, even a slight increase in sebum production can lead to pore clogging. Also, wrinkles make their appearance felt a lot sooner on the faces of people with dry skin.

    Those who have this skin type have to often follow a judicious moisturizing regimen, so any products they use for hydrating the skin can often clash with the ingredients in anti acne preparations that are known to dry the skin and clean the cells of excess oils.

The Treatments

The treatment to adult acne is very similar to that involved in the treatment of teenage acne – benzoyl peroxide.

Although there are many type of products, it is often found that the washes, creams and lotions that one would use as a teenager often works the best.

Of course, there are things that you can do yourself to try to alleviate some of the problems that you are faced with.

As we have already mentioned, women that wear makeup should try to use makeup that has been designed for sensitive skin and also remember to wash their makeup off every night in order to give their skin time to breathe.

For best results try looking for products that contain something called Salicylic Acid. You can usually find that there are cleansers that contain this vital ingredient as well as exfoliating facial scrubs, washes and toners.

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You will usually be advised to not treat adult skin in the same way as you would treat teenage skin, but for the most part, you will find that teenage-based products for acne will contain the same vital ingredients, and when used properly, will clear your skin effectively, regardless of age or skin type.

The right anti acne product for your skin type

Regardless of your skin type, it is quintessential to choose a complete anti acne solution that does more than just spot treat pimples. This particularly holds true for people with oily and combination skin as a seemingly innocuous zit or a few blackheads here and there can quickly turn into a full blown acne breakout for them.

Individuals who have dry skin will also do well with a regimen of products formulated to control acne while protecting and moisturizing the skin. If you have only relied upon topical ointments so far, you will be surprised at the stupendous results you can get from the right regimen that suits your skin type.
If you have oily skin, ideally, you should choose a kit that also includes a cleanser and a toner along with a repair lotion or ointment that will clean the excess oil from the skin, unblocking pores and preventing infection.

On the other hand, people with combination skin will get the best results from an adult acne treatment product that uses medium strength benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid which will be just enough to zap away the zits but will not strip away the moisture from the dry areas of the face.

In contrast, if you have a dry skin, choose products that come with a moisturizing complex that will keep the skin protected and hydrated as the anti-pimple element does its job. Also, it would be best to choose a skin care regimen that comes with a non alcoholic toner.

Finally, consider the type of acne that you suffer from when choosing a product to control. For more severe breakouts like those experienced in acne vulgaris and cystic acne, you will need to bring in stronger product. Go for a tried and tested skin care regimen that can not only deal with the pimples but also the range of issues associated with acne like inflammation, infection, pain, redness etc.

So, if you are battling zits that have a way of appearing right before a big or stressful event that just does not seem to respond to any treatment, stop and look at the product that you are using in your fight against blemishes. Unless the preparation you choose suits your skin type, you won’t get a lot from the product. You may read more information at the Exposed Skin Care website.

Affordable, Long-term Acne & Skin-Care Solution

You can find plenty of products that claim they are for the treatment of acne. Many of these can help, but you need to be careful. For the most part, these products are made for teenage acne and teenage skin, which can be different from that of an adult.

The best adult acne treatment solution works differently than most products. Exposed Skin Care fights adult acne two ways. The salicylic acid is effective in beating breakouts and the Polypore Benzoyl Peroxide clears pore with no side effects.

Be aware there are a myriad of products available via the Internet, television infomercials, magazines, and other sources, all claiming they can treat your adult acne and restore your beautiful skin.

Some of these products really work, while others will do nothing more than drain your bank account.

As part of our research, we decided to try several of these products in the hope of finding one that would work for you. Since we tried so many, we thought we would share our experiences with each product with you.

It might save you some time and money. And, it just may lead you to clear skin once again and the end to your annoying adult acne.

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